1 Kit builds 4 to 6 tacos. Min 2 kits per order. Max. 16 kits.

Each Kit comes packed with over a 1/2 lb of your choice of filling, our house made tortillas, chipotle hot sauce, limes and cilantro.

Don't forget to garnish your taco!

Smoked Chicken - $20.00 - Slow smoked chicken thighs
Chicken Pibil - $16.00 - Citrus-achiote-banana leaf stewed chicken
Frijoles - $13.00 - Refried pinto beans
Smoked Pork Belly - $16.00 - "Full Fat" pineapple-habanero smoked pork belly
Carnitas - $16.00 - Well spiced pork shoulder
Farmhouse Chorizo - $16.00 - Taco Farm house made sausage
Camarón - $21.00 - Grilled tiger shrimp
Gringo Taco - $16.00 - Seasoned ground beef
Fried Fish - $16.00 - Crispy fried cod


1 garnish portion is designed to top 4 to 6 tacos.
Please select accordingly to match the size of your order.

Arugula (8 oz)$1.75
Pineapple Salsa (4 oz)$3.00
Roasted Corn & Green Onion Salsa (4 oz)$3.00
Salsa Verde (4 oz)$3.00
Pico de gallo (4 oz)$3.00
Cabbage Crudito (8 oz)$2.50
Pickled Sweet Red Onions (4 oz)$2.50
Creamy Chipotle Sauce (4 oz)$3.00
Queso Blend (3 Mexican Cheese Mix) (4 oz)$2.75
Spicy Pickled Vegetable Salsa (4 oz)$3.00
Pickled Jalapeños (4 oz)$3.00
Lime Onion Salad$2.5
Farm Sauce (Our spiced Creamy Sour Cream) (4 oz)$4.00
Cocoa Mole (4 oz)$4.00
Guacamole Side (4 oz)$4.00
Mexican Rice (8 oz)$4.00
Iceberg Lettuce (8 oz)$1.25
Fresh Tomato Salsa (4 oz)$2.00
Chili Garlic Sauce (Our Mexican version of Sriracha) (2 oz)$2.00


Choose some extras!

Arugula Salad$11
Arugula, avocado, pineapple, tomato, greens, roasted pepitas, lime, queso blando
Fried Chicken$14
3 pieces fried in corn flour, finished with tequila, Rosewood wildflower honey, lime & black pepper (or plain for the kids!)
Full Nachos$14
House made chips, queso blend, frijoles, pickled  jalapenos, salsa verde
Fries Supreme$13
Hand cut russets, queso, ground beef, pickled jalapenos, farm sauce, pico de gallo and salsa
Super Fresh Guacamole (250 ML container)$8
The best guacamole on this side of the big fence
Fresh Tomato Salsa (250 ML container)$4.25
Fire roasted tomato salsa
Salsa Verde (250 ML container)$5.50
Roasted tomatillo salsa
Grilled Pineapple Salsa (250 ML container)$5.50
Fresh pineapple salsa with orange
Fresh Tortilla Chips (350g bag)$4.75
Our house made chips, fresh and delicious
Pickle Jar$4.5
Jalapeño, carrot, cauliflower and onions
12 Fresh Tortilla Shells$3.5
24 Fresh Tortilla Shells$6

Pickup Time

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Same days order for lunch and supper must be in an hour before service!
Lunch before 10:30am and supper before 4:30pm!

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