Mexican Inspired and Locally Sourced...

An interpretation of Canada’s Mexico, a combination of one of the world’s great cuisines & our connection to the land around us. We cook without borders or rules. We are not Mexican, El Salvadorian or even Latin American; we are farmers…… TACO FARMERS!

As TACO FARMERS we support small, local farms. We stock our shelves the same way we do at home, with foods we feel safe & proud to serve to our own families. If you’re curious about where your food comes from, and you should be, please ask us.  We make everything in house, or rather, on the FARM!  If you ate it here we made it – from our famous tortillas to our infamous hot sauces, bar mixes & infusions. We truly live the HOUSE MADE philosophy!

A quick word on GLUTEN… our food does not contain it! From the fried chicken to the battered fish, our tortillas & our sauces! The only item on our menu that isn’t gluten free is the churro, BUT beyond that you’re GLUTEN FREE GOLDEN!

Reservation Policy

Due to the size of our limited dining room, walk ins are always welcome and preferred. Reservations are only accepted for groups of 6 and up, anytime during our business hours except Fridays and Saturdays nights.  Every seat counts and will help us stay in business and send our kids to college!  A credit card number is required to secure the reservation and cancellation or change in guest count is required at least 24 hours prior.  Reservations that are “no” show means we have empty seats while we turn taco lovers away and kiss our kids college fund goodbye.

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